Tips for Optimizing Your Bong Vaping Session



What’s in a name? If you’re familiar with the term “vape bong,” you likely associate it with a glass attachment for a desktop or portable dry herb vaporizer. It is possible to inhale the vapour from marijuana while using a bong, which is an alternative to smoking the plant directly. Do you think it’s unreasonable to expect such a thing? Maybe. But there are many benefits to making the effort. Here are some recommendations for improving it so that it’s as good as it can get.

Choose the “right” vaporizer with care

Obtaining a vaporizer that is WPA-compatible is the first step. WPA is an abbreviation for water pipe adapter. Some vapes, like as the Boundless TERA, come with them already installed. In most circumstances, though, WPAs may be acquired independently. Since each vaporizer has a somewhat distinct mouthpiece shape, every adapter is made to order. There is no such thing as a universal adapter that works with all bongs, however certain bong adapters may be compatible with more than one device. As an example, the Firefly 2+ may utilise the same adaptor. Choosing the right best websites for bongs is essential here.

Choosing the Adaptor

An adapter that works with your whip or bag, or both, is required for usage with a desktop vaporizer. The whip on the Arizer Extreme Q, for instance, has a standard 18 mm male connection, therefore it fits well into a standard 18 mm female joint. To utilise the bag method, you’ll need an adaptor that can fit into the little mouthpiece on your bag. This isn’t usually the optimal option since you’ll need an additional adapter. If you can build anything with as few parts as possible, that’s ideal. Finally, cannabis pens may be paired with other equipment, such as bongs. To accommodate female joints with diameters of 10, 14, and 18 mm, they are often made of silicone and have a tapered shape. They are often compatible with cartridges that have round or flat mouthpieces.

Examine the dimensions

Find a bong that is compatible with your vaporizer’s water pipe attachment after you’ve already tracked down the attachment. Joint sizes of 14 mm and 18 mm for female connections are the most common for bongs. Joints on smaller bongs usually measure 14 millimeters, whereas larger bongs’ joints often measure 18 millimeters. For the best websites for bongs you need the right choice. Even now, you may get 14 mm joint bongs that are quite a bit larger than the norm. Some additional bongs, often older dab rigs, use a male connection with a 14- or 18-millimeter diameter. Avoid them unless you have an adapter that works with both male and female joints, or you don’t mind carrying about an additional converter that changes female joints to male ones.

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