The 5 Best Things About Vape Cartridge Packaging



Custom packaging is the best solution when it comes to representing your vape business. Due to the increasing demand for vape pens, vape vendors have become quite conscious of your brand reputation. As a vape beholder, you must also use vape packaging boxes in the best ways to illustrate a professional image. The manufacturing of packaging boxes greatly affects its functioning.

If you are confident about your packaging solution, keep using it with timely modifications but if it is not improving your sales rate, change your builder or packaging style right away. Because custom packaging can do a lot of magical things if you choose the right material and construct it efficiently. Let’s discuss the benefits of vape packaging.

Cost-effective solution

Saving money is an essential factor whether you are a business owner of a large firm or you are selling vape pens on a small scale. Custom packaging helps you a lot in this regard. It assists you in saving money seamlessly. For vape packaging, cardboard boxes are a brilliant option. This is because paperboard materials are easily accessible. Packaging builders can easily get these materials at reasonable prices. They manufacture these boxes by using low-cost tools.

In this way, they offer cost-effective packaging. Another reason is that packaging companies offer packaging boxes in large volumes. In this wholesale packaging, the cost of each unit cuts down and you can satisfy the packaging needs at a reasonable cost. You can get these large stock boxes at your place without spending extra cost on shipping. This is because these boxes are shipped in flat form and they are lightweight.

Highly protective

Protection of the product is a major concern. Vape devices have three main units; ceramic or silicone gel mouthpiece, a metal atomizer, and a glass tube or cartridge having e-juice in it. The protection of these elements is a necessary factor especially when there is great saturation and competition is fierce. Custom boxes protect these devices from getting affected as these boxes provide a shield from getting exposed to the external environment.

A damaged or broken product can create a lousy impression and custom packaging prevents your product from getting that impression. These boxes safely deliver the product to its destination due to elasticity, especially corrugated cardboard boxes that have fluted sheets that effectively lift the weight of the packed item.

Offer different custom features

vape packaging boxes

If you are still thinking standard packaging will help you in any way, you are living in a foolish paradise. This is because a standard box is nothing but a simple encasement. On the other hand, custom packaging bestows you with all the perks you think are best for your business. It helps you with the following features.

Packaging material

The packaging material highly defines your product’s worth. For custom packaging, various options are there out of which you can pick up the best one. These materials may include:

  • Raw kraft paper
  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated cardboard


You can easily define your packaging size based on your product dimensions. Cardstock material is flexible enough to be manufactured in different sizes. In this way, you can pack the product more professionally and people will consider you an authentic supplier.


The Vape Cartridge Packaging Design is a great manifestation of your brand reputation. When you choose custom packaging, you can easily choose the structure and outer layout for the boxes. For this purpose, you can choose slotted boxes or different types of foldable boxes.

Printing Technique

Visuals are the essence of your product presentation. It also represents your brand values. You can easily choose certain printing techniques for different stock boxes. These printing techniques may include:

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Flexography
  • Offset or lithography
  • Digital printing


You can surely improve the surface texture of packaging boxes if you have chosen custom packaging. You can highlight printing details by using different extra features. These add-ons are:

  • Different varnishes (spot UV, gloss or matte coating, metallic coating, and aqueous coating)
  • Printing views (flat view, 3D mockup, or pressed view)
  • Inserts or cushions

Excellent shipping companion

vape packaging boxes

Custom packaging provides a great shipment partner. In this fast period where people tend to get the product in their comfort, safe delivery of products has brought more mental peace to them. Custom packaging plays a significant role in this facet. Corrugated cardboard boxes are particularly used for shipment. These boxes provide foremost safety and deliver the vape without damaging the cartridge.

With the help of inserts, you may also improve the safety feature. It will not only help you to keep the product intact but also the consumer will get more convenience in consuming your product. These boxes protect the vape pens from getting bumps and therefore help you raise your brand value.

Green solution

Custom boxes made of cardboard material are highly green. The reason lies in the fact that it is made of organic fibers. Due to having organic nature, the manufacturing of these boxes does not pollute the environment. In this way, people will get a sincere impression of your brand. You can surely reuse the old packaging boxes because cardstock and kraft are highly recyclable and you can recycle them again and again.

These boxes are highly biodegradable and easily disposed of. All such ecological factors help you in building a sincere impression of your brand. In this way, you can influence the audience with these packaging solutions. It also helps the consumer in avoiding products packed in plastic encasement which is toxic to the environment.


Custom vape packaging is a trustworthy business partner. Get kraft and cardboard boxes from These boxes are all about ease as you can manufacture them entirely of your choice. You can get these boxes without spending a lot of money. You can choose a certain packaging material and manufacture it in a desirable shape and size. Cardboard or kraft materials are highly flexible and therefore prone to various customizations. You can surely choose different printing techniques and add-ons. In short, you can depend on custom packaging as it can bestow you with a lot of conveniences.

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